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Diffuser Care

Reed diffusers are the perfect safe option for a continuous release of beautiful fragrance throughout your home. York Apothecary reed diffusers will last until all of the fragrance oil evaporates. This can range from 10-12 weeks depending on the room temperature and the positional placement of the reed diffuser. 

To maintain your reed diffuser and keep your home fragranced for longer, we recommend following our reed diffuser care instructions below.

  • Carefully remove the lid.
  • Place the reeds inside the reed diffuser. All York Apothecary reed diffusers are supplied with fibre reeds.  The reeds are naturally porous and this allows for the gradual absorption of the liquid which then moves slowly up the reeds before scenting the surrounding air.
  • To increase the life of your reeds, we advise turning them carefully once a week. The more space around your reed diffuser, the better for releasing scent throw.
  • We advise that you place your reed diffuser on a protective plate or mat in order to protect surfaces from any spillages. Any reed diffuser liquid which comes into contact with materials such as wallpaper, curtains, polished or synthetic surfaces or fabrics may cause staining & permanent marking. 
  • When the liquid in your reed diffuser has fully evaporated, simply wash the vessel out with warm soapy water. 

    Safety Information

    • Refer to packaging for details on how to handle products & other relevant safety information
    • Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
    • Do not place product to come into direct contact with fabrics, polished or painted surfaces which might be damaged by the fragrance oil.
    • Do not place the product in direct sunlight.
    • The fibre reeds are designed to give prolonged fragrance release and do not need to be turned. If you do turn the reeds please wear gloves.
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